Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs at Oxy is committed to providing students with an exceptional co-curricular experience, which compliments and enriches the College’s outstanding academic programs.

Fundamentally, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, while nurturing a culture of care throughout the College community. For many students, much of what they experience outside of the classroom will prove to be transformative and life changing. Whether it be growing and learning within the College’s vibrant and culturally diverse student body, exploring and engaging in the city of Los Angeles, or becoming involved with clubs, organizations, or athletics, Oxy students will have countless opportunities to make the most of their life outside the classroom, with considerable support and guidance from staff in Student Affairs.

Oxy’s location in a major metropolitan city, along with our diverse and active student body, allow for a unique co-curricular experience that expands the horizons of our students in a multitude of ways. The intentional, present, and supportive staff in Student Affairs serve to guide and mentor students as they progress from the beginning to the end of their college experience.

-Rob Flot, Vice-President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students


2019-23 Student Affairs Report

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