Accreditation & Institutional Assessment

Accreditation & Institutional Assessment provides training and support for the items below for faculty, staff, and students involved in assessment activities.

Accreditation & Institutional Assessment assists in the following:

Assessment Planning: assistance in developing or revision of program mission, goals, learning outcomes, curriculum alignment, implementation of assessment methods, and the sharing of results.

Learning Outcomes Assessment: assistance in developing and applying outcomes-based rubrics, portfolio design, classroom assessment techniques.

Qualitative Research: assistance in developing instruments and procedures for the collection of qualitative data from surveys, interviews, and focus groups related to the assessment of student learning.

Alignment Analysis: assistance in analyzing syllabi, assignments and exams to ensure alignment with the program's stated goals and learning outcomes, as well as course to program, and program to Core goals and outcomes.

Analysis and Reporting: assistance in compiling, analyzing and summarizing assessment findings for final reports or presentations.

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