Undergraduate Research Center

Whether your intellectual curiosity brings you into the library or the laboratory, across town or across the ocean, URC provides resources to support your research, 奖学金, 创造性的工作.

Undergraduate research is a hallmark of an Occidental education. The Undergraduate Research Center supports equitable and inclusive programs that foster students’ intellectual curiosity, 自治, 和责任, and that facilitate close faculty-student mentoring relationships.


Students interested in off-campus research fellowships and opportunities should consult the Council on Undergraduate Research’s Student Resource Center, National Science Foundation’s search for an REU Site,联系方式 urc@tbc007.net.


URC也 supports faculty mentoring through professional development opportunities, and supports faculty research and creative activity through the 学生的研究 Assistantship program and with supplemental student funding for 教师 Sponsored Research.

Watch this video to learn more about the Undergraduate Research Center’s flagship program: the annual Summer Research Program.

日历 of important dates and deadlines (2023-24):

9月5日 Fall 学生的研究 Assistantship Program Application Due
9月21日 ASP Fall Projects Application Due for Priority Funding
9月25日 SCCUR 2023 Abstract Early Review Deadline 
10月9日 SCCUR 2023 Abstract Final Deadline
10月17日 ASP Fall Projects Application Due
11月10日 SCCUR 2023 Registration Deadline
11月14日 Science Scholars Application Due
11月18日 SCCUR 2023 @ Cal State University, Fullerton
12月8日 NCUR 2024 Abstract Submission Deadline
12月12日 Winter Break 学生的研究 Assistantship Program Application Due
12月12日 ASP Spring Projects Application Due for Priority Funding
1月12日 ASP Fall 2023 Projects Report Due
1月16日 Spring 学生的研究 Assistantship Program Application Due
1月16日 NCUR ASP Conference 旅行 Applications Due
1月31日 NCUR 2024 Early Bird Registration Deadline
2月1日 Summer Research Program Fellowships Application Due
2月13日 ASP Spring Projects Application Due
3月8日 SRP 2024 Notifications emailed at 5 p.m.
3月19日 教师 Sponsored Research Supplemental Funding Application Due
3月19日 Deadline for Identification of 教师-sponsored Summer Research Program Participants
3月21日 REAP and HJC Applications Due
4月8 - 10 NCUR 2024 in Long Beach
4月22日 Final day for 2022-23 AY ASP Conference 旅行 applications
5月3日 ASP Spring 2024 Project Reports Due
Application materials can be found and submitted on the URC的应用程序 & 报告门户 在Moodle. All URC funding applications are due by 5:00 PM local time on the specified due date.
Contact Undergraduate Research Center

2nd floor, Old Wing, Room 253A