Where can your Oxy education take you?

Oxy Outcomes showcase our amazing alumni, highlighting their journey from the College into their career. Their accomplishments represent the endless career possibilities made possible by the liberal arts, and demonstrate how the skills, mentorship and experience gained at Oxy benefit students far into the future.

Meet Our Alumni

Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences

Alumni from the Arts & Humanities

Ethan Glass headshot
Ethan Glass '19
Media Arts & Culture, Economics CEO & Co-founder, Ocra
“Students have the opportunity to hone vital skills at Oxy. The leadership skills developed from co-captaining the Men's Soccer Team and the storytelling prowess taught in the Media Arts department contribute daily to my profession.”
Esther Teodoro headshot
Esther Teodoro '95
Music, Psychology Principal, Big Gigs event planning
“I feel immense gratitude for not just what I learned in the classroom, but for learning how to navigate the world with a more critical lens rather than just an ‘it is what it is’ attitude. Oxy [helped me learn] to view the world in shades of grey rather than black and white.”
Shea Backes
Shea Backes '18
French, Sociology Program Manager, LA County Dept of Health Services COVID-19 Response Teams
“I chose Oxy because of its social justice reputation, both in terms of an education and a community. That learning and cultural environment, as well as the pillars that are so important to Oxy, really did shape my experience.”
Kristine White
Kristine White '20
English Journalist; winner, Pulitzer Prize for Public Service
“My liberal arts education gave me a strong foundation of critical thinking and communication skills that I use every day as a journalist—from breaking news to data analysis to investigative reporting.”
Carrie Wade portrait
Carrie Wade '10
Music Manager, Inclusion (Talent) at Netflix
“Being able to look under the surface of the things that you're learning, understand the question behind the question and always look at things analytically—Oxy challenged me to do that in every single class.”
Alison Hawkins
Alison Hawkins '87
English Managing Principal, Artemis Real Estate Partners
“I did well in law school. It’s about reading, analyzing, and writing, and with my Oxy education I was well-prepared.”

Alumni from the Social Sciences

evita chavez headshot
Evita Chávez '15
Urban & Environmental Policy State Housing Advocacy Program Officer, San Francisco Foundation
“At Oxy, there's such support to be more than just a student. I got to learn a lot through being a resident advisor, through studying abroad and the various internships I was encouraged to have during my summers. I got to really put my learning into action.”
Eddie Jauregui
Eddie Jauregui '98
Public Policy Partner, Holland & Knight LLP, former federal prosecutor
“Occidental’s values of excellence and equity have sustained me throughout my career. They are values that serve not just one’s personal success, but the cause of justice and the legal profession as a whole.”
Kristin Wood
Kristin Wood '87
Political Science, Government National security consultant and advisor
“Professor Larry Caldwell challenged me to become a better writer. It took a ton of work, but the work paid off. I passed the writing requirement and then had a 20-year career writing for the President of the United States.”
Adam Portnoy headshot
Adam Portnoy '93
Public Policy CEO, The RMR Group
“Hearing different perspectives and meeting people from all walks of life helped me the most. In commercial real estate, you have to be sensitive to different constituencies’ needs. I learned that early at Oxy.”
Olga Rodriguez
Olga Rodriguez '95
Public Policy Associate VP & Chief of Staff, Texas A&M University Health Science Center
“[Oxy taught me about] tolerance and about putting yourself in the shoes of others. I do that with my staff, and I teach them what I got from Oxy: all issues are complicated and there's not necessarily one right or wrong answer.”

Alumni from the Sciences

Cheryl Prigodich
Cheryl Prigodich '06
Psychology Principal Deputy Director, Center for Disease Control
“My time at Oxy helped prepare me for my professional career. I was afforded a breadth of experiences and received constant mentoring and guidance. These opportunities taught me discipline and hard work, helped me figure out what I’m passionate about...and prepared me for a life of public service.”
Eddie Gorton headshot
Eddie Gorton '01
Psychology Principal, Colfax Charter Elementary School
"My Oxy liberal arts education helped shape how I see the world; it fortified the ideal that building community is the key to success. The better we know each other, the better we are to each other."
Ed Perezic
Ed Perezic '17
Mathematics Associate Manager, Brand Experience at Taco Bell
"There's a curiosity that comes with a liberal arts education—the thought that discovering something new is only a conversation away. That energy led me to continue to learn and ultimately find something I love doing."
Alex Urry
Alex Urry '16
Biochemistry Former Policy Adviser to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
"The world is a complex place. But through its curriculum, Oxy helps you understand that complexity, as well as the interconnectedness of wide-ranging factors. That's been critical to my work in the political and policy system."