Los Angeles is for foodies.

If L.A. is a culinary universe populated with every cuisine imaginable, then Eagle Rock and Highland Park are shining stars. Our little corner of the cosmos is home to a number of eateries that are so delicious, Angelenos are known to travel long distances to visit them.

Food on Wheels

Whether you're in the mood for bibimbap, beefy burgers or Indian fusion, an excellent way to get a sampling of L.A.'s culinary culture is to visit one of the city's many food trucks, either close to campus on York Boulevard or virtually anywhere else in town. These restaurants on wheels may have taken the country by storm, but they originated here.

Some Favorite Spots

Cacao Mexicatessen: Creative twists on Mexican favorites, including duck carnitas and fig mole.

Café de Leche: Students are regulars at this coffeehouse on nearby York Boulevard.

Casa Bianca: An Eagle Rock institution since 1955 (and an Obama favorite). "Some claim it makes the best pizza west of Brooklyn." –Los Angeles Times

El Huarache Azteca #1: "As close as it gets to the simple cooking found deep in Mexico." –Los Angeles Times

Galco's Soda Pop Stop: Choose from 500 hard-to-find sodas and a huge inventory of retro candy. Goo Goo Cluster, anyone?

Highland Cafe: Just because a restaurant has named a breakfast dish after Oxy doesn't mean we have to love it, but we do! It's also one of L.A.'s best spots for a tuna melt.

Max City BBQ: Classic BBQ and notably delicious mac and cheese, just a stone's throw from campus.

My Taco: "My Taco's plate of carne asada fries is the Mt. Everest of gabacho cuisine." –L.A. Weekly

The Oinkster: "Oinkster stands out, even in a city full of fantastic burger shacks." –L.A. Weekly

Pat and Lorraine's Coffee Shop: Location for opening scene in Reservoir Dogs. Breakfast and lunch at your own risk.

Señor Fish: Mexican seafood, famous for fish and scallop tacos.

Spitz: Doner kebab by two young Oxy alums: "Sublime." –Los Angeles magazine

Unincorporated Coffee Roasters: A cafe for late-night studying, Internet access and outdoor tables in the heart of Eagle Rock.

The York: "On weekends, the L-shaped bar is often five deep with floppy-haired students from Occidental College nearby, local women in short skirts and high heels and artist types from Silver Lake with shaggy beards and trucker hats." –New York Times